Feminist Manifestos

Vera List Center for Art and Politics
New York, NY | 2018

A diverse group of women from across The New School—students, alumni, administrative and maintenance staff, union members, and faculty—read and performed a series of historical and contemporary manifestos at various locations within the university’s architecture. The spaces where they read related to the content of the texts and played a significant role in the performers’ daily lives.

Feminist Manifestos was presented as part of the Vera List Center for Art and Politics series Freedom of Speech: A Curriculum for Studies Into Darkness, co-curated by Carin Kuoni and Laura Raicovich.




Infliltration into a Public Pool 
Strategies for Survival
    • Strategies for Survival
    • Feminist Manifestos
Along Those Lines
    • Toei Oedo
    • The A
No News, Good News
Now, Life Is Living You

disorienting plans

The Politics of the Commons